Enterprise Solutions

ARMADA offers a wide range of products meeting professionals in various enterprise domains, serving sectors like:

  • Sales force automation & VAN sales
  • Delivery & Courier
  • Oil & Gas services
  • Logistics & distribution
  • Agriculture & Surveying
  • Retail automation & Loyalty
  • Maintenance & Field services
  • Fleet management & GPS tracking
  • Mobile networks & Telecom operators
  • Pharmaceutical & & Health informatics

Government Solutions

ARMADA is renowned world-wide as the world pioneer in smart government solutions, bridging the digital gap for various organizations, offering solutions like:

  • Surveying, Metering & Collection
  • Electronic Vomiting & voting management
  • Government revenue collection
  • Automated customer on-boarding & KYC solution
  • ID Control & Citizen service enrollment
  • Social Benefits management system (Supplies, Energy, CCT)

Security & Defense Solutions

ARMADA Ultra-rugged devices are engineered with the toughest field challenges in mind, serving professionals who can't compromise on quality, durability or performance, bundling its hardware devices with world-class software solutions from our partners world-wide in the domains of:

  • C4i & Crisis management solutions
  • Ultra Secure voice & data communications
  • Secure assets tracking & Navigation
  • Border control & Surveillance
  • Traffic police data management & reporting

Banking & Electronic payments

ARMADA offers world-class payment solutions for banks, financial institutions & Third party payment processors, ensuring reliable, secure & future-proof solutions meeting & exceeding their customer's needs, Solutions like:

  • Electronic payment card acceptance
  • e-Payment gateways (POS, mPOS, e-commerce)
  • Electronic Topup, E-voucher distribution & Bill payments
  • Value-added payment applications: Retail loyalty, Installments, etc..
  • Mobile bank branch (Mobile Micro-branch)
  • Closed-loop payment system
  • Petrol card payment system

To get more information about our enterprise solutions for your industry sector, please contact our sales consultants who would be happy to advise you further:


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